Södertörn, Sweden

Scandinavian Biogas plans to increase production capacity at Scandinavian Biogas Södertörn from the current 80 to 120 GWh.
The expansion will be completed by the end of 2021 and will include both an increased gas production capacity and a liquefaction plant where the produced gas is converted into liquid biogas (LBG). In connection with the development, a number of new process functions will also be built.

The largest plant in the Stockholm processing food waste

The expansion will include reception and storage space for several new types of substrates, which makes the plant a multi-substrate installation. The expansion also provides an improved pre-treatment for the food waste slurry and an increased capacity in the pasteurization, digester, dewatering and evaporation.

A liquefaction plant will also be built in conjunction with the production capacity of the plant increasing, while retaining the current gas upgrade. Being able to produce both compressed biogas (CBG) and liquid biogas (LBG) gives a great flexibility towards the energy market. The plant will be dimensioned to treat approx. 110000 tonnes of food waste and similar waste fractions. From this, 120 GWh of biogas and high-quality bio-fertilizer are produced.



Design capacity: 120 GWh (LBG)
Substrate: Food waste, manure and other
Status: Final project design
Expected starting of operation: End of 2022
State aid: Application to Klimatklivet submitted

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