Scandinavian Biogas is one of the largest private producers of biogas in the Nordics

Scandinavian Biogas’s mission is to help achieve society’s goal of converting to renewable energy

Through its operations, Scandinavian Biogas contributes to a sustainable transition from fossil to renewable energy

The Company’s strategy is based on utilising the Group’s unique engineering expertise in biogas production to expand the biogas supply, in Sweden and internationally

Scandinavian Biogas’s aim is to be world-leading in large-scale biogas and bio-fertiliser production. The Company currently holds a leading position in renewable energy and biogas production in the Nordic region and it works to ensure an increased use of biogas in the energy mix.

The Nordic heavy road transport sector is currently the most significant area for the Company’s growth ambitions, although the biogas market is also expected to grow within maritime transport and industry. Demand for liquid biogas (LBG) has increased in recent years, along with the supply of biogas-powered vehicles. This affects the market for compressed biogas (CBG), which is currently local but is expected to develop into regional or national markets in future.

We are a Nordic organization, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB is the mother company, with sister companies in Sweden, Norway and the Republic of Korea.

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