Why biogas?

The renewable alternative to natural gas. Biogas is the cleanest fuel on the market.


Liquid biogas

The Group operates the world’s largest production facility for LBG.



To replace chemical nutrient. We produce three different digestate fractions: liquid, dewatered and concentrated.

Leadership of MicrobesTM

Our solution for a efficient and profitable anaerobic digestion process.heap space


87 327 ton CO2eq

reduced emission thanks to our biogas production in 2020


Environmental challenges that can be solved

The world’s total energy consumption increases in parallel with the need to handle ever greater amounts of waste. Biogas production means that the organic part of the waste can be converted into renewable energy. Scandinavian Biogas produces renewable energy from virtually all types of organic material and our processes are among the most efficient in the world. In 2020, biogas delivery of 354 GWh corresponds to annual supply of 831 city buses, 87 327 tonnes CO2eq emission reduction and production of 25 412 tonnes of biofertilizer to replace artificial fertiliser.



Scandinavian Biogas has published Annual and Sustainability Report for 2020

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Notice of Annual General Meeting in Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB (publ)

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Scandinavian Biogas’ Nomination Committee proposes Anders Bengtsson as new Chair and new members of the Board

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Scandinavian Biogas receives SEK 135 million in investment grants from Klimatklivet

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