We are working for a cleaner world. And we do it well. Scandinavian Biogas is a global leader in the design and operation of biogas plants.


Press Release

The Södertörn plant is not expected to achieve planned production volumes for the rest of 2016   Read more


International scientific biogas conference

Linköping 7-8 September 2016   Read more

Environmental problems
that are possible to solve

Energy consumption continues to grow globally, hand in hand with the need to manage increasing amounts of waste. The responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions lies on all of us.

Scandinavian Biogas produces renewable energy from nearly any kind of organic waste and our production processes are among the most efficient in the world. We offer cost-effective, large-scale biogas solutions for entities with large streams of organic waste, such as biofuel producers, food producers, municipalities, wastewater treatment plants and many others.

  • Industrial scale biogas production

  • Cost efficient solutions for biogas

  • Taking care of waste