Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavian Biogas plans to implement liquid biogas (LBG) production at Scandinavian Biogas Stokcholm.
The project will be completed by the end of 2022 and will focus on the installation of a liquefaction plant where the produced gas from existing facilities is converted into LBG.

The largest plant in the Stockholm processing biogas from municipal sewage sludge

Scandinavian Biogas has been running the gas upgrade plant at Henriksdal’s treatment plant since the end of 2010. After the increased the plant’s capacity in 2016, the new project aims to produce 120 GWh (LBG)





Design capacity: 120 GWh (LBG)
Substrate: Municipal sewage sludge
Status: Project design initiated
Expected starting of operation: End of 2022
State aid: Application to Klimatklivet submitted

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