Mönsterås, Sweden

Located on the southeast coast of Sweden, in the county of Kalmar, Mönsterås municipality is one of the most animal husbandry and equine intensive municipalities in the country and many of the farmers are looking to expand or intensify their production. With this as a base Scandinavian Biogas and Mönsterås Biogas have signed a cooperation agreement in which the parties will jointly build and operate a large-scale manure-based biogas plant in Mönsterås. The parties have formed a joint development company, Mönsterås Biogasproduktion AB, which will form the basis for future production from the plant.

There are a lot of raw materials and very strong local support

Mönsterås is a great place for this type of project. There are a lot of raw materials, very strong local support, and engaged partners. Target customers are the biogas-fuel distributor companies, actors in industry and shipping, as well as European energy companies. Mönsterås Biogasproduktion will also build a filling station close to the biogas plant.
The biogas plant will treat manure generated from cow, pig and chicken farming in the area. From this feedstock, liquefied biomethane (LBG) and various fractions of high-quality bio-fertiliser will be produced. The plant will be designed to produce 125 GWh of biogas, and approximately 70 000 tonnes of high-value digestate by treating more then 100 000 tonnes of manure annually.



Design capacity: 125 GWh (LBG)
Status: Final design and procurement
Expected starting of operation: H1 2024
State aid: Klimatklivet and Drive LBG

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