Scandinavian Biogas Stockholm

Powering city busses and sustainable living

Scandinavian Biogas, in cooperation with Stockholm Water (Henriksdal and Bromma), produces and processes large volumes of ecofriendly biogas that contributes to the sustainable development of Stockholm. The biogas is mainly sold as fuel to Storstockholm Lokaltrafiks (SL) having more than 300 biogas buses. In addition, other gas consumers are available, e.g. restaurants that cook their food on environmentally friendly biogas. Sales also take place via the public service station in Bromma, which is operated in collaboration with CirkleK / AGA.

Henriksdal upgrading plant 

Scandinavian Biogas has been running the gas upgrade plant at Henriksdal’s treatment plant since the end of 2010. An extensive program of measures implemented during 2010 and 2011 have led to major improvements in the facility. Scandinavian Biogas has now, in cooperation with Stockholm Vatten, further increased the plant’s capacity through the completion of a new gas upgrade line. The new line was commissioned in the first quarter of 2016. During the year, the raw gas production was increased by gradually increasing the organic load to the sewage treatment plant’s digester. The collaboration means that, while Stockholm Water produces raw gas, Scandinavian Biogas is upgrading it. With the new line, the upgrading capacity incresed from 7.5 million, in 2015, to 20 million normal cubic meters of biogas fuel (ca. 97% methane). At this site, the raw gas is upgraded thanks to two upgrading plants using both water scrubber technology (HVAC) and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

Large volumes of biogas sold in Bromma

Stockholm gas car owners will also have access to large volumes of biogas in Bromma through the Scandinavian Biogas public service station. The gas station in Bromma is the petrol station which, besides deliveries to the municipal bus traffic, sells most biogas in Stockholm.
The facility for upgrading in Bromma is directly adjacent to Bromma’s sewage treatment plant. The biogas is produced by rotating sludge from the sewage treatment plant and upgrading through two production lines with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.


Design capacity: 225 GWh (CBG)
Substrate: municipal sewage sludge
Site manager: Martin Johansson
Adress: Henriksdalsringen, Stockholm – SE

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