Industrial symbiosis and circular economy

The biogas plant in Skogn in central Norway was commissioned during summer 2018. The plant is the world’s largest for the production of liquid biogas (LBG) and it has an annual capacity of 12.5 million Nm3 of methane, corresponding to 120 GWh. The main feedstocks are silage from the Norwegian salmon farming industry (70,000 ton per year) and process water from Norske Skog’s pulp and paper industry in Skogn. The strategic location of the plan allows for delivery of substrate by boat, trucks and train.

One Plant – two digestion technologies

Fish waste and sewage sludge from the local industrial wastewater treatment plant are co-digested at mesophilic conditions in two conventional continuous stirred-tank reactors (CSTR) that provides over 85% of the total methane production. The remaining part of the methane production is generated from a high-rate external circulation sludge bed (ECSB) reactor processing industrial wastewater. The raw biogas is upgraded using Amine scrubber technology prior to liquefaction. The digestate is dewatered and utilised as a biofertilizer.

The largest LBG plant in the world

Scandinavian Biogas’s work with Biokraft and TrønderEnergi and in collaborations with various national research programmes has enabled the Group to make major investments in research and development.
Operations are coordinated by the Scandinavian Biogas subsidiary Biokraft AS.

A demonstration project: an example of Industrial symbiousis

At the same construction site, Scandinavian Biogas and Biokraft, in cooperation with Norske Skog Skogn, have an ongoing demonstration project with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of the aerobic wastewater treatment processing wastewaters from the pulp mill. The project, entitled “EffiSludge for LIFE – An innovative concept to improve resource and energy efficiency in treatment of Pulp and Paper industry effluents“ is part of the European LIFE programme for Climate Change Mitigation (CCM).



Design capacity: 125 GWh (LBG)
Substrate: Fish waste and industrial wastewater/sewage sludge
Site manager: Pål Nygård
Address: Skogn, Levanger – NO

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