Our business on the biogas process:

organic waste becomes biogas and biofertilizer

What we do, we do it with passion

We assign great importance to systematically improving and fine-tuning the anaerobic digestion process. Based on years of experience and our internal R&D, we design and operate High Organic Load Digestion (HOLD Technology™). Although our process team is primarily dedicated to support Scandinavian Biogas’s production facilities, we are open to assist our clients for the development of new business opportunities.

Build-Own-Operate (BOO): projects focused on constructing biogas plants in accordance with HOLD Technology™ and on operating them in a resource-efficient manner based on Scandinavian Biogas’s expertise.

Engineering and Operations (E&O): projects where Scandinavian Biogas provides support and guidance in connection with the design and operation of biogas plants based on HOLD Technology™.

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Matti Vikkula, CEO

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