Environment is capital

Political objectives driving development in Sweden:

2030 A fossil fuel free transport sector

2050 An emissions neutral nation

We take your confidence in us very seriously

Without our shareholders, Scandinavian Biogas would never have had the opportunity to develop. Today we have around 2500 shareholders. A heartfelt thank you to all of you who believe in us and invest in the company. We hope that you have made note of Scandinavian Biogas’ positive development and that we have your continued confidence in us going forward.


IR contact

Matti Vikkula, CEO
+46 (0) 70 59 799 38


Green financing and equity frameworks

Introduction to the green financing and equity frameworks

Scandinavian Biogas has been reviewed by CICERO Shades of Green AS (“CICERO”), which provides a market-leading independent, research-based evaluations of green and sustainability bonds as well as full company assessments.
CICERO has provided second opinions on companies’ debt financings since 2008 and rates the debt in Dark Green, Medium Green and Light Green shades to offer investors better insight into the environmental quality and climate risks. Included in the overall shading is an assessment of the governance structure, rated Fair, Good and Excellent.
In addition, CICERO has developed a new methodology for company assessments by extending the Green Financing Framework to apply to the whole company and equity. CICERO’s company assessments provide insights into the green transition ambitions by adding Light, Medium and Dark Brown shadings to the three green shadings for revenue streams and investments depending on how well they are aligned with a low-carbon, climate resilient future. The assessment also provides investors and lenders with information on possible alignment to the EU taxonomy as well as companies’ environmental governance structure. An assessment of the governance structure is included with the same rating as in the second opinions.

 Scandinavian Biogas’ ratings

In August 2020, CICERO completed its second opinion on Scandinavian Biogas and rated the Company’s debt financing Dark Green and a governance score of Good. In November 2020, CICERO allocated a Dark Green shading to all of Scandinavian Biogas’ revenue streams and investments and a governance score of Good. Further, CICERO assesses that Scandinavian Biogas’ activities are likely to be aligned with the EU Taxonomy.

Read here Cicero’s company assessment of Scandinavian Biogas»

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