Environment is capital

Political objectives driving development in Sweden:

2030 A fossil fuel free transport sector

2050 An emissions neutral nation

Corporate governance

Good corporate governance aims to create conditions for an active commitment from owners, a clear and well-balanced distribution of responsibilities between owners, board and company management, and to ensure that information about the Company’s commercial market is accurate and correct.

Scandinavian Biogas Fuels International AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited company based in Stockholm. The Company’s goal is to be a leader in large-scale production of biogas and biofertilizer. The Company currently has a leading position in renewable energy and the production of biogas in the Nordic region. Scandinavian Biogas is working to expand the use of biogas as part of the energy mix.

The company has been listed on the market since 2020 and has 30,533,852 outstanding shares. The Company’s shares are traded on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market.

The basis for governing the Company and the group is the Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act, further applicable Swedish and foreign laws and regulations as well as internal guidelines and policies. The Company also follows the Nasdaq First North Growth Markets Rulebook and applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the “Code”). The code applies to all Swedish companies whose shares are listed on a regulated market in Sweden. Nasdaq First North Premier is not a regulated market, but application of the Code is a formal listing requirement set by the marketplace. Any deviations from the Code will be reported in the Company’s corporate governance reports.

Our Corporate Governance reports:

The first Corporate Governance report will be available after the publication of the Annual report 2020.

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