Södertörn, Sweden

Scandinavian Biogas constructed a new biogas plant in Södertörn south of Stockholm during 2014-2015. The biogas production from this plant has the capacity to increase the share of of locally produced biogas with at least 50% in the Stockholm county.

The new biogas plant at Gladö Kvarn, Södertörn is a collaboration between Scandinavian Biogas and SRV Återvinning AB. SRV is a waste management company owned by the five municipalities Huddinge, Haninge, Botkyrka, Salem and Nynäshamn.

The Södertörn plant was taken into operation in August 2015 which is a is a little more then a year after the construction was initiated. It is the first industrial plant for digestion of food waste in Stockholm County and it was inaugurated by the Chairman of Scandinavian Biogas, Göran Persson and Sweden’s Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Baylan on the 2nd October 2015. The plant can convert the energy in 50 000 ton food waste to biogas each year. The waste amounts to one third of all food waste generated in Stockholm.

Food waste is converted to biogas and bio-fertilizer.

The food waste is collected and then, by pre-treatment and digestion converted to renewable biogas and a nutritive bio-fertilizer. The Södertörn plant has a capacity of 80 GWh biogas which corresponds to 8.8 million liters of petrol or the amount of vehicle fuel consumed by 5 000 privet cars each year. In addition, up to 14 000 tons of bio-fertilizer can be produced yearly. Using this bio-fertilizer means that nutrients as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as humic substances are brought back to arable land.

The efficiency of the biogas plant in Södertörn results in an 75% recovery of the energy in the waste.

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