Skogn, Norway

The construction of a biogas plant at Norske Skogs pulp mill Skogn was started in 2016. The plant will have the capacity to produce 12.5 million cubic meters liquefied vehicle fuel and wastes from fish- and forest industry in the area will be used for the production. The upgraded gas is today mainly planed for use as bus fuel, but the liquefied gas is also an excellent fuel for shipping and heavy, land based, traffic. The construction is managed by the Scandinavian Biogas subsidiary Biokraft AS. The plants will be taken into operation by the end of 2017.

Liquid biogas (LBG) – The ultimate green alternative VIDEO

Demonstration project

At the same construction site, Scandinavian Biogas and Biokraft, in cooperation with Norske Skog Skogn, have an ongoing demonstration project with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of the aerobic wastewater treatment processing wastewaters from the pulp mill. The project, entitled “EffiSludge for LIFE – An innovative concept to improve resource and energy efficiency in treatment of Pulp and Paper industry effluents“ is part of the European LIFE programme for Climate Change Mitigation. VIDEO   EffiSludge

Pictures from Skogn

cof Q2/2018
cof Q2/2018
cof Q2/2018
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