Henriksdal and Bromma, Sweden

In collaboration with Stockholm Vatten, Scandinavian Biogas produces and processes large volumes of ecofriendly biogas, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Stockholm. The majority of the biogas is sold as vehicle fuel to power the 280 biogas buses in traffic by Storstockholm Lokaltrafik, servicing the public transport system. Biogas is also sold at the company’s filling station in Bromma.  

Henriksdal upgrading plant running at full capacity

Scandinavian Biogas has since the end of 2010 been operating the gas upgrading at Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant. An extensive action program undertaken 2010 to 2011 did substantially improve the capacity of the upgrading unit. During 2015 was a new upgrading line constructed in co-operation with Stockholm Vatten. When taken into operation during the first quarter of 2016 this line increased the capacity for production of vehicle fuel grade biogas from 7,5 million normal cubic meters up to 20 million. The raw gas production has since then gradually increased as an effect of an increased organic loading in the Henriksdal digesters. The co-operation between Scandinavian Biogas ans Stockholm Vatten implicates that Scandinavian Biogas upgrade all the raw gas that is produced by Stockholm Vatten.

Large volumes of biogas sold in Bromma

Stockholm also has access to large volumes of biogas at the company’s filling station in Bromma, which beside supplying the municipal fleet of biogas buses, sells the most biogas in Stockholm.

The biogas upgrade facility in Bromma is located directly adjacent to the Bromma wastewater treatment plant. Biogas is produced by digesting sludge from the plant and upgrading it through two Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology production lines.

Pictures from Henriksdal



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