Logo description

This logo has been thought to combine the essence of “EffiSludge for LIFE - An innovative concept to improve resource and energy efficiency in treatment of Pulp and Paper industry effluents” in one single picture.

  • The green tree, to connect the project to the pulp and paper mill industry. It also implies the concept of sustainability and climate change mitigation (CCM).
  • The flame on the “i”, to connect the project to the anaerobic digestion process. Biogas will be generated as renewable fuels.
  • The number “4”, to remind us the four main objectives: (1) to decrease the residence time of the sludge (sludge age) in the aerobic treatment, increasing the organic loading; (2) to reduce the need for aeration in the aerobic treatment generating significant energy saving; (3) to generate valuable sludge for biogas production; (4) to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the aerobic wastewater treatment.
  • The Life logo, to clearly identify the project with the specific EU programme.